Expand your communication skills with language certificates and degrees

English as a Second Language

Participate in our program and you will:

  • be more comfortable and confident in social, career, and educational situations
  • increase your understanding of and respect for your community
  • get prepared for personal, social, educational, and career opportunities

Certificate of Competency (non-credit)
College Skills Certificate (credit)


American Sign Language

There are many possible opportunities:

  • work with deaf children in home or school settings
  • interact with members of the deaf community in social and work-related situations
  • provide support in schools, hospital settings, and in service-related areas

Certificate of Achievement
Associate of Arts Degree



Become bilingual and increase your opportunities for success  in many careers: 

  • travel agent, journalist, or business development management 
  • multicultural education, religion, and service Industry
  • public safety, fire service, and healthcare providers

Certificate of Achievement
Associate of Arts for Transfer Degree